In the Bread

Luke 24: 13-35

© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved


Taking the bread.

Open-eyed, wide-eyed.

They recognized him.

This reading

always chokes me up

a little.

I carry this with me.

I hold this in my heart of hearts

every time I break the bread

at the table.

It isn’t so hard to break the bread.

It is hard to do the recognizing.

Recognize the one who arose.

Recognize the one who

continually confounds us

with grace and presence.

I want to see Jesus.

I want to find him,

and you know, I do look,

yet it seems

I look either where

Jesus has just been, or

not yet arrived.

And then. And then.

And then I break bread.

And then I look up.

And then I see

the other expectant eyes

who are looking as well,

seeking for this salvation we

call the risen Jesus,

and together,

taking the bread,

open-eyed, wide-eyed

we recognize him —

in the bread, in the cup,

in each other.


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