When God Happens

Acts 2:42-47

© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

Hearts burning within.

Hearts aflame with God,

with hate, with forgiveness.

Grace in action,

or what Carter Hayward calls

“godding”, making God present —

for others, for ourselves.

Stephen paid a price,

his life, for godding.

The saying popular right now is,

haters gonna hate,

and while it is true,

we also need to know that

lovers gonna love and

godders gonna god.

There’s more of us,


The Sixties slogan,

make love not war,

for me has morphed into,

make God not fear.

How will we make God this week?

How will we change ugly situations

into situations filled

with God and grace?

AND what price

are we willing to pay to do that?

There are costs for this:

pride, ego, self-righteousness,

being the odd, weird, misunderstood one,

being ignored.

Godding costs,

but it also rewards.

How can you say that being

God’s presence

in our world

is not worth whatever cost?

When we are faced

with anger and hate

and what is ugly

remember to god —

let God be present and seen.

Light has shown in our darkness

let us be that light for others.

Go forth this week and be God,

have courage…


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