Transformation Detail #13 — Mentors

Romans 5:1-5

© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved


We’ve all had someone who fathered us—

Some stayed.

Some didn’t.

Our father may be one

worthy of our love,

the subject of our devotion,

the model for how we live,

our worst

most violent nightmare,

the nightmarish

nemesis of our night terrors,

(this text suggests we have faith

in one who sacrificed his son — right?)


someone stuck somewhere

in the uncomfortable middle.


someone we may never have met

and only know through stories,

or teachers

who showed us the right way

to do

almost everything

we do that we do well.


father or not,

many of us have had a person

in our life

who picked up the pieces,

or the slack,

or walked with us in places

where a father could not,

or would not.

I have had several such people in my life.

A few have been men,

rugged and bold and skilled and exacting.

Many have been women,

gentle and kind and patient and strong and knowing.

(I have actually been taught

more about

how to be a man

by women

than by men.)

All have been


All have been

exactly what I needed.

Today I want to honor and thank

those men and women

in our lives

who took the time

to help us find our way,

who showed us

how to become

the men and women

we are and we have yet

to become.

And then,

the question:

for whom are we fathers and mentors?

Whom do we teach?

Whom do we hold?

Whom do we lead?


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