© Hilary F. Marckx, all rights reserved

cam4 -- Praying

I have been thinking
and reading,
and reading and thinking
this last year and have come to,
what might not be conclusions,
but at the most
a thoughtful suggestion
about how I
deal with being a Christian,
at a time
when so many Christians,
the ones who are so vocal right now,
are setting such a bad
and embarrassing example
for Christianity.
My reading has led me
To confirm my understanding
that Christianity itself
is a movement born of
mainstream politics
and developed out of a
need to sustain the power of
the prevailing culture.
This is continuing as I write.
Christianity, for those on the right,
and for those
who are most vocal in this time,
has become something
that makes it OK
to be comfortable with
cultural prejudices.
That is not only
not what Jesus
proclaimed but the opposite.
I think that I now need
to make more claims
on Jesus than on the entity,
we know as
which spun off from his
radical message
of tearing down the established
systems of
tyranny and prejudice and hate and fear.
So, while I will still
consider myself a Christian,
I will no longer emphasize
that I am a Christian,
but that I am a
follower of Jesus —
the one who would
not only never
support the massive
power Christianity has become,
but would attempt to heal
its consequent and conservative
abuse of that power,
and would promote the message of
love and hope and healing and strength
for the weak and disfranchised
that, in the end,
got Jesus executed.


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