The Potentiality of Shoes

Exodus 3:1-15

Have you ever
stood in awe,
beyond belief
and outside
any experience
you have ever had?
Has the place where you walked
brought you to your knees
with wonder?
Are there not times
when your breath
and it seems even
your heart pauses
from the holiness
of place?
Have you ever
been presented
with a gift
so rare
that you couldn’t imagine
being the one for whom
it was intended?
Our lives are presented daily
with moments and places
that seem to us
rare, and grace-filled,
and so inconsistently
at odds
with our own
existential self-knowledge
that we habitually
overlook what is
the very essence of God:
I Am Who I Am
who waits for us if we will only stop.
Taking off our shoes is,
in this passage,
a metaphor
for our recognition of
the Divine Presence.
this is a person.
a place.
an event full of chaos.
it is a space where there is absolute peace.
How do you experience
I Am Who I Am
in your lives?
How does awe manifest
in your life?


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