Exodus 33

To be whole —
arms, legs, fingers, toes,
knuckles, ankles,
all intact,
all in the right places —
but this is not quite
the meaning of
the kind of wholeness
to which I am referring.
True wholeness
is not only about our bodies
or our minds.
Wholeness of spirit
is what I am reflecting upon.
Wholeness of spirit…
We do not often consider
the wholeness of our spirit.
Being one with ourselves.
Being one with God.
Being one with humanity.
Being one with creation.
Wholeness of spirit is
being one with each other.
It’s like having the heart of creation,
the heart of God,
beating in rhythm
in your own breast —
in your own heart.
God tells Moses God knows him —
Knows his name;
knows his heart —
They are of one spirit
Wholeness of spirit means
we are in tune —
with ourselves, with all that is,
with God.
We cannot be partly whole.
We cannot have whole lives
and have spirits,
or hearts,
or relationships
that are fragmented.
What is the condition of your spirit?
Are there fractures
in your relationships?
Is there a gap
between you
and the rest of what is?
Can you name
any one or thing
or person,
from which
you are estranged?
Can you think
of how to make whole
the un-oneness
of the broken hearts
around you?
I believe that
we can begin to make the
un-oneness whole
by simply being
willing to eat
with one another.
With whom are you
willing to eat,
not eat?
In the Disciples of Christ
I serve,
we have communion every week.
Eating together at
becomes, at our table,
a metaphor
for living together
outside the
walls and
or our little church.
I believe that
as we learn to
share bread and cup
with each other
at this table,
we learn to
share life with
those who are
and smell bad.
I also believe
that in learning to eat
with all and any,
we can learn to become
with the rest of the


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