For the next few days I will post some of the poetry in which I write of my experiences of, and my explorations into my relationship with God as I have experienced God in nature and wildness. I hike. I fish. I sit and listen. Many times I see and hear. What will follow will be what I saw, what I heard.


Into the Deep Silence


© Hilary F. Marckx

Something in my belly does a slow turn.
My eyes
turn outward to the beauty.
In the deep silence I watch her walk toward me.
swaying to the music of her song.
She plays in joy,
making rhymes,
that become worlds and space.

And we dance.
Creator and created playing child’s game.
Clothed in black,
sequined with stars,
trimmed with rivers
we dance currents of silence
weaving universe to universe,
and our laughter rings
from the walls of time itself.

She dances,
but this time I am missing.
My joy turned to passion.
She comes to me and I,
mingling passion and reverence,
can not be passion,
and live with reverence.
With breath caught short
I tell how I need more
than she creates in me.
And from the substance of eternity,
she forms more cosmos
into her own likeness
and I become more than I am.
A likeness whose form matches mine,
fits mine, graces mine,
we fuse deeply.

Our likeness
creates a world, creates life.

Hot sea, hot soup cauldron, primal brew.
We meet, collide,
explode in life.
We make life.
We weave cell and chromosome
into the likeness of her,
The one who first touched me,
touched her,
and created
the desire to create.

And now.
The one who teaches us song,
dance, laughter,
is almost lost to her own creations.
Not seen, but felt.

For deep within us
stirs a movement so gentle,
a tremor so slight,
a rhythm so remote,
we almost lose it,
almost die.
Not quite there is recognition
of something past,
some forgotten goodness,
a lost pleasure,
and again
we hold the old desire to hold
this sensuous dancer.

Deep in our consciousness
something again in our bellies
does a slow turn.
This time. This time.
Our eyes turn inward to the beauty.
Into the deep silence we
dance once more,

and we pray.


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