To continue my poem-journey this week of a poem a day. I am pulling from past and new work that infer an inner spiritual movement — awareness of body, awareness of nature/God-in-nature. The awareness of that unknown entity we understand as that-which-cannot-be-named-known-or-described…

The following is a re-writing of what is commonly termed, The Lord’s Prayer, in Matthew 6.

Into Our Being

Cosmic Nurturer
© Copyright, Hilary F. Marckx


the one most nurturing
who loves us
with tenderness:
Holy Creator,
Holy Person of Grace.
Who is in the heaven
of heavens, our being.
The center of earth.
The center of cosmos.
Whose name is holy,
hallowed, exalted,
and most misused.

Let your name still be holy.
From beyond to within,
from the prime explosion
to the silence of my prayer,
let your nurturing include
all peoples,
and let your will be done
in hearts, minds and deeds
of those who live this heaven,
this earth.

one who is most pregnant,
Creation sprang forth,
and life came to be
from your very substance,
give us this moment
the love and tenderness we need.
Oh, one who is most sensual,
arouse us with your passion.

Convert us
to an earthy,
people once more.
Forgive us,
most holy one,
for the times we have been
undesiring of your grace.
Forgive us for times we have used you
to harm one another.
Forgive us for blaspheming
your holy intention,
your holy creation,
your holy and lovely,
voluptuous body,
tender body,
sweet body,
Christ’s body,

Deliver us from being
other that you created
us to be.

Deliver us into our being.


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