A Risky Invitation
Acts 2:1-21

Come Holy Spirit!
It sounds good,
like something a Christian should say,
Kind of churchy
in a remote sort of way
that is safe
because it probably doesn’t mean
too much
when you get right down to it.
I suppose if you thought that,
you’d be wrong in a way
that could be extremely unsafe.
Once the Holy Spirit comes on the scene
life seems to go south.
First of all the
Holy Spirit is understood
as the very active relationship
between Jesus
and the one he understood
as his divine parent.
This is the same Spirit
that fell upon the
of the waters of creation
and formed
them into matter and substance.
This is the same Spirit
that marched around Jericho
with the armies of Joshua
to bring down the walls.
The same Holy Spirit that
walked with Jesus
to the cross and beyond,
and the same Holy Spirit
that poured fire
on the disciples’ heads
in that upper room ̶ yeah,
that Holy Spirit.
And yet,
there is something truly compelling
about making that invitation.
Something full of possibility,
smelling of perfume
and bitter herbs,
and the sweat of fear,
but joy as well,
and definitely something
fascinatingly holy
and sacred and mind-blowingly beautiful
and unspeakable
in the sense that
you will truly
see the face of God and live.
come Holy Spirit,
let’s take a hike together
and discover
new and wonderful paths
and grace and beauty
and the kind of love
that only taking a divine risk
can possibly discover.