About the Rev. Doc. Hilary F. Marckx

Two Sids of Me, But Which Two Sides?

I am an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and I am currently serving  a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) church.  The idea behind this blog is for me to simply express my theological opinions and share my faith-walk, such as it is.

I may get fancy with my words and thoughts, I may get really simple, but hey, it’s my blog.

In a very real way it is my attempt to reclaim my own theological and liberal Christian roots in an era when Conservative is what the general public thinks of when they think, Christian.  I am a Christian and I am a Liberal–NOT A PROGRESSIVE which to me is a watering down of the idea of Liberal to make it more palatable to the conservative mind-set.  Aaaack!!

I have a Ph. D. in Theology and the Arts, which gives me a license to think.  This blog is about me thinking.

Christianity has devolved into an “us and them” mentality.  Us Liberals/those conservatives; us humans/the rest of creation; creation as six-day-science/creation as big bang and ongoing; us right thinking Christians/the rest of the faith-filled world. The list goes on, but you get it.

I also write music and perform it as a rockabilly in bars and at festivals.  I also build guitars.  I also am a photographer.  I am a lot of things, but for this blog, I will be a practicing theologian.

Just a note about the photography used in this Blog.  After a first offering of a realistic image, I have decided to use abstract photographs.  Abstract images best illustrate the nature of my thinking.  I tend toward the metaphorical, so abstract images just makes sense for me.  Part of my thinking is that though my faith tells me it’s all real, my rational side questions that and suspects that it’s all smoke and mirrors, anyway.  I also like an abstract image because it allows the viewer to use their imagination, which is a strong aspect of faith, and suspend their need to have hard and fast answers.

I hope you enjoy or hate or whatever my postings which I will be on Fridays.  As per my Blog title, will have either poems, theological/spiritual reflections, or a prayer or something.  Thanks, should you wish to follow on this journey, Hilary

2 thoughts on “About the Rev. Doc. Hilary F. Marckx

  1. Hi Hilary … fun coming upon your blog.
    Totally agree with the role abstract art plays.
    Would love to share ideas on my project “Beyond Walls” –
    an exploration into Worship for our times.
    Partnering with Sausalito Presbyterian Church and the Spiritual Travelers in Seattle.
    Where is your church?
    Blessings, Joan Carter

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